Yarmolenko: ‘I read somewhere that they wanted to give Ukraine a place in the World Cup… but it’s wrong’ – FIFA World Cup 2022

The striker wants to fight for qualification with his national team but it won’t be easy

Ukraine are due to meet Scotland in the World Cup qualifiers, a game which was postponed due to the armed conflict in the Eastern European country and was due to be played on Thursday. Andriy Yarmolenko, one of the regular picks for the Ukraine national team, has revealed he is opposed to the country guaranteeing an automatic spot for Qatar ‘2022. “I read somewhere that they want to give us a place for the World Cup… but I think that’s wrong. We have arms, legs and a football pitch. We have to decide everything at inside. Whoever is stronger deserves to go to the World Cup”, he said in an interview with “Denisov Time”, on Youtube. The West Ham striker continues to play the job but does not hide that it is complicated to be active with the war which is taking place in his country of origin.

“Now it’s hard to think about football. When we can play this game, we’ll go out on the pitch to put all the strength we have in our body. It’s going to be difficult to give 100% because a lot of players are not playing or training when they are in Ukraine, some even with a machine gun in their hands, with humanitarian packages to be delivered by them… No one is thinking about football at the moment, but when we can, we we’ll do our best,” promised Yarmolenko.

By Flavio Miguel Silva


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