THE BALL – The fine to V. Guimarães for the contempt of Sporting (Liga)

The lack of respect in the stands during the game between Vitória de Guimarãeas and Sporting last Saturday led the Disciplinary Board to impose a fine of 6,178 euros on Guimarães for the incorrect behavior of the fans.

“Fans located in the South Superior Bank assigned to Vitória SC, identified with shirts and scarves, in the 45th minute threw coins and lighters towards the field of play in the goal area and towards the referee, not having touched any sports agent”, read on the body’s punishment card.

Pepa, Samuel Correia (assistant) and Pedro Costa (physical trainer), all expelled for remarks against the referee team, were sanctioned with one game.

Sporting was fined 6,454 euros for using pyrotechnics on the stands of D. Afonso Henriques.

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