THE BALL – “If I don’t win, I won’t be so nice in the eyes of FC Porto fans” (FC Porto)

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Sérgio Conceição has no doubts: no matter how much affection he has within the Porto nation, those in Dragão can only think of always winning. In addition, the desire to win titles runs through the veins of the blue and white coach.

This idea was reinforced this Tuesday by Conceição, on the sidelines of the National Coaching Association Forum, which took place in Leiria, with the Porto coach stressing the idea that FC Porto must maintain demand for each match. . Even because, he defends himself, his thinking should also be identical to that of the coaches of the direct opponents.

“FC Porto fans love people who hate losing. If I don’t win, I won’t be so nice to FC Porto fans. Victories only have meaning if, in the end, we win the title we so desire. It’s not worth thinking about the missing matches, it’s worth it, yes, to prepare for the match with Santa Clara. This is our priority. Because when we represent a club that fights for titles, the responsibility is always associated with our performance. We have to work daily on the limits to win titles. Favoritism? No! It’s one of my thoughts, as it will surely be for Reuben [Amorim] and the Verissimo. In addition to Carvalhal, SC Braga increasingly becoming the fourth big player,” he assumed.

Asked about the break in the selections, Sérgio Conceição underlined the importance of … breathing: “That’s good. But the big problem is that this break is not for all players, since many of them have gone to national teams. But having time to breathe after this incredible game cycle is always nice.

Finally, and analyzing the clinical situations of Pepe and Taremi, the Porto coach preferred to analyze the issue from another angle. “Of course, the coaches always want to have all the players available. But more than individuality, the important thing is to strengthen the working group and talk about the importance of all players, because we will need them all. We recently had the case of Fábio Vieira who, due to the unavailability of Taremi, ended up entering from the start and scoring the winning goal in Bessa”, he concluded.

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