Sérgio Conceição: ‘I have a competitive animal like Pepe and then children weakened by a tough guy’ – FC Porto

FC Porto coach stresses need to ‘improve focus and demand’ in training, in transition to senior and professional football

Sérgio Conceição portrayed the formation, notably at Portugal and FC Porto, stressing the need for the young player to “improve his concentration and his demand” during the transition to senior football. On the other hand, the Porto coach said he has never seen so many young talents as today. “We have young players with a lot of quality, but some important values ​​are lost in young people. In a UEFA coaching forum, I think it was Pellegrini who said that a player who two clubs were doing reference was different. , aggressive, in Milan more technical. In terms of training, we have a lot to improve in terms of concentration, the requirement that the children must have. It seems that the children are super affected by this. J I have a competition animal like Pepe and then I catch three or four kids who are weakened because the work has been hard. It’s linked to the difficulty of instilling in this public the requirement of FC Porto, which is beats every three days to win games, which in the end can turn into titles Then there is the other side: these are players who understand the game much faster, in terms of talent and quality there are has a lot more today than in the past. s of the game. there are positive things and other less positive things, it’s up to us to take care of them,” Conceição said during the Forum of the National Association of Football Coaches (ANTF). The tactical schemes in eleven-a-side football “very important”.

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