LE BALLON – The President of the Federation challenges Mbappé (with the Golden Ball in the middle) (France)

The president of the French Federation has asked Kylian Mbappé to reconnect with Paris Saint-Germain to win the Ballon d’Or.

In an interview with Ouest France newspaper, Noël le Graet quits the challenge and claims the striker will have a better chance of winning if he stays than if he leaves for Real Madrid – which is an increasingly inevitable scenario , given that the contract ends in June.

“I want Kylian to stay in Paris. For French football, it’s positive to have one of the best players in the world, if not the best, in his league. He has a better chance of reaching the Ballon d’Or. But with PSG than leaving, ”assesses Le Graet.

“When you change clubs, you always have to go through a period of adaptation. PSG is going through a little crisis [devido à eliminação da Liga dos Campeões frente ao Real Madrid]but it’s still a great club,” he explains.

Le Graet wonders if the Spanish league is better than the French league. ” I am not convinced. It will be his personal choice, but as president of the federation I can only wish that he stays in France”, he confides, devaluing a possible partnership with Benzema, who, because he is daily, could even benefit the France team.

“They are two above-average players who understand each other well. But for me there are no problems if one plays for Real and the other for PSG. Like Germany the did with Bayer Munich, I would like to have a team backbone of five or six players from the same club, but that’s not a reality in football today And we were world champions with players distributed in different clubs”, he underlines.

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