KTM CEO takes on Miguel Oliveira’s good feeling: “He’s an incredible rider” – MotoGP

Pit Beirer tackled the Portuguese triumph in Indonesia in the rain, something that may be a specialty

Pit Beirer, managing director of KTM Motorsport, assured that premonitions about Miguel Oliveira’s performance in Indonesia were correct, the Portuguese having taken the top step of the podium last Sunday. “My feeling for Miguel [Oliveira] did not deceive me, but in such difficult conditions it is not the piercing device that makes the difference. He’s an incredible driver. We now have a spectacular package, a very good engine for the start of the race and we just have to combine this with the electronics and the punching device. It’s like a clock that works together and in the end you also have to have a driver who is going to implement it all,” he said in an interview with ‘Speedweek’.


Miguel Oliveira gives wet recital and wins Indonesian Grand Prix

Miguel Oliveira:

Beirer assured that he had “extreme confidence in Miguel for 2022”. “He’s already put in a solid performance in Qatar, we saw that in the data. Unfortunately, we didn’t put it into practice… We were definitely confident going into the Mandalika weekend,” he said. he underlined, pointing to a possible specialty of the Almada rider riding on wet ground.

“If Miguel is as good as he was this weekend, it is clear to me that he will also be very strong in the rain. He has an incredible feeling with the bike. He does not ride wildly, he controls the bike with an incredible amount of control. of emotion”, underlined the leader.

By Flavio Miguel Silva


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