Imp of The Sun will be released this Thursday (24) on PS4 and PS5

Publisher Fireshine Games and developer Sunwolf Entertainment announced on Tuesday (22) that sun imp will be released at PS4, PS5Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Nintendo Switch this thursday (24).

The game is based on a 2D platforming action adventure that combines fast-paced exploration and exploration – not to mention art, which is inspired by Peruvian culture. Here, players will traverse the “shining peaks” of the Andes and parts of the Amazon rainforest. Check out the trailer:

In the plot of Imp of The Sun, the protagonist, a small being of fire called Nin, must defeat four guardians to stop the Eternal Eclipse, as the villains have stolen the sun and isolated it in “one of the remotest corners of the empire”.

Players will be able to use the powers of the sun to face the dangers of this adventure. Additionally, it will be possible to hone skills to create fluid movements in a combo-based fighting style.

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Check below for full story details from Imp of The Sun (via gematsu):

Art by Imp du Soleil.
(SOURCE: reproduction)

Stolen by the Four Guardians centuries ago and hidden in the farthest corners of the empire, life cannot go on without the power of the sun. With its last spark, the sun creates Nin and sends him on an adventure to bring light and restore balance to the empire.

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