FC Porto launches a bond loan of 40 million euros

Each bond costs five euros. The sales process begins on Monday and ends on April 5.

FC Porto launched a €40 million bond issue with a nominal value of five euros and a fixed interest rate of 5.25%. The initial amount may however be increased at the discretion of the blue and white DAU until April 5. The offer period begins Monday at 3 p.m. and each subscriber must make a minimum investment of 2,500 euros, which corresponds to 500 bonds (each costs five euros).

Read the full statement:

“Futebol Clube do Porto – Futebol, SAD (“FC Porto SAD”) proceeds to the public offer and admission to trading of bonds, called Obrigações FC Porto SAD 2022-2025, with a nominal unit value of €5 and a fixed interest rate of 5.25%* per year (TANB: Nominal Annual Gross Rate), for an initial total amount of up to €40,000,000, which may be increased at will of FC Porto SAD until April 5, 2022 inclusive by the launch of a public subscription offer in cash (“Subscription Offer”) addressed to the general public and a public subscription offer against delivery of FC Porto SAD 2021-2023 Bonds ( “Exchange Offer” and together with the Subscription Offer, the “Offers”), addressed to holders of FC Porto SAD 2021-2023 Bonds.

The Offer period runs from March 28, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. to April 8, 2022 at 3 p.m. In the Subscription Offering, the subscription price per FC Porto SAD 2022-2025 Bond is €5, with a minimum investment of €2,500. (corresponding to 500 FC Porto SAD 2022-2025 bonds).

In the Exchange Offer, subscription is made by exchanging FC Porto SAD 2021-2023 Bonds for FC Porto SAD 2022-2025 Bonds, and in return for each FC Porto SAD 2021-2023 Bond (of a face value of €5) accepted for exchange, you will receive 1 FC Porto SAD Bond 2022-2025 (with a face value of €5) and a cash prize of €0.05, subject to taxes, commissions and other fees.

On the settlement-delivery date of the Exchange Offer, i.e. April 13, 2022, accrued interest from November 26, 2021 inclusive up to that same date will also be paid in respect of the FC Porto SAD 2021-2023 Bonds . exclusive, in the amount of €0.090381944 for each FC Porto SAD 2021-2023 bond, subject to taxes, commissions and other charges.

The maximum amount of Notes that can be subscribed/exchanged by each investor is limited to the maximum amount of Notes offered for subscription/conversion and is subject to pro rata if demand exceeds supply as described in the Prospectus. In this situation and taking into account the respective criteria to be applied, the date on which the subscription/exchange order is submitted may be decisive, given that the orders entered first in the Euronext system will have priority. Therefore, the sooner you place your order for these Offers, the greater the likelihood that in the event of a split, it will be fully satisfied.”

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