Anonymous strikes again! The target this time was… Nestlé

As we have followed, Anonymous is on Ukraine’s side in this war. The various actions against the Putin regime have rendered certain services inoperative and several sensitive data have also been shared on the Internet.

The last attack was against Nestlé! Find out why this company and which ones are already in the crosshairs.

War: Anonymous strikes again!  The target was... Nestlé

Anonymous obtained a 10 GB database from Nestlé

One of the latest publications from the group Anonymous reveals that the Nestlé company was the latest target of the action of the hacker group Anonymous. According to what was revealed, a database of around 10 GB was obtained with various types of sensitive customer information such as emails, passwords, etc.

The attack on Swiss food and beverage giant Nestle comes because it remains in business in Russia.

In addition to Nestlé, Leroy Merlin, Auchan and Decathlon are also under the eye of hackers from the Anonymous group. Like Nestlé, the companies continue to operate in Russia, despite widespread consumer criticism on social media.

Recall that Zelensky "attacked" Swiss banks and Nestlé for maintaining "business as usual" with Russia. The Ukrainian president has asked Swiss banks to freeze funds belonging to the Kremlin elite.

According to the United Nations, about 13 million people need humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.

The Russian invasion has been condemned by the international community at large, and many countries and organizations have imposed sanctions on Russia that affect virtually every industry, from banking to sports.

The war in Ukraine, which entered its 27th day today, has claimed an as-yet-undetermined number of civilian and military casualties and, while admitting that "the actual numbers are considerably higher", the organization confirmed today today at least 953 dead and 1,557 injured among the civilian population, including 174 children

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