A BOLA – Coates cuts salary to renew (Sporting)

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Sebastián Coates will be a Sporting player until at least June 2025.

The captain of the lions, at Alvalade since 2016, has a contract valid until 2023, with another year of option, but he has practically closed the deal to, before the end of this season, extend his contract until 2025 and, this time, according to data collected by A BOLA, reduce salary conditions to stay within the lion’s salary cap.

Coates’ last contract renewal, it will be recalled, was just over two years ago when, in January 2020, he forfeited any salary improvements, which was customary in the constant renewals that Frederico Varandas performed in the leonine team. After all, Sebastián Coates, even after this new contract without a salary increase, was still a bit above the prevailing salary cap at Alvalade of 1 million euros net per season.

Now, in negotiations that will add two more years to the current connection, which ends in 2023, although with an option on both sides to extend it until 2024, Sebastián Coates is once again teaching a new lesson of… sportinguismo. If we go back a few years, more precisely in 2018, the Uruguayan international center was one of the few renowned players to have refused to proceed with the termination of his contract with Sporting following the attack on the Club Academy, in Alcochete.

After this dark episode in the history of the Lions club, the center was rewarded for the structure with the team captain’s armband, which he still wears today, becoming an example on and off the field for young people. that happened to the main team.

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