″Victory in Indonesia? My feeling about Miguel Oliveira was right″

Pit Beirer, seeing the soaked Mandalika enclosure, imagined the Almaden pilot in great shape. “We were definitely confident,” the official said.

Enthused by Miguel Oliveira’s triumph at the Indonesian Grand Prix, marred by heavy rain, Pit Beirer pointed to the rider’s ability to ride on an unfavorable wet surface, predicting the Portuguese could take advantage of it.

“My intuition for Miguel was good, but in such difficult conditions it is not the ‘holeshot’ device that makes the difference. He is an incredible rider”, praised the general manager of KTM, understanding that this could be a specialty.

“If Miguel is as good as he was at the weekend, then he will be very strong in the rain. He controls the bike with incredible emotion”, analyzes Pit Beirer.

The official assumed that KTM expected a good result at the Indonesia GP. “We were definitely confident for the [último] weekend”, underlined Beirer, who celebrated his first victory in 2022, with Miguel Oliveira, in whom he has “extreme confidence”, by mounting the podium for the fourth time in his career.

The Portuguese rider, after finishing the second GP of the season in first place, moved up to fourth position in the MotoGP World Championship, with 25 points, five less than the Italian leader Enea Bastianini (Gresini Racing). .

Finally, the general manager of KTM felt that it had “a spectacular set” of riders, led by Miguel Oliveira and Brad Binder, and that success depended on the harmony between the riders and the equipment, at a stage given.

“We have a very good engine for the start of the race and you just need to combine that with the electronics and the ‘holeshot’ device. It’s like a clock that works together and at the end you also need ‘a pilot who will implement all that,’ he concluded in an interview with Speedweek.

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