THE BALL – Nadal explains: “I had trouble breathing” (Tennis)

After 20 games without losing, Rafael Nadal was finally defeated, losing in the Indian Wells final to American Taylo Fritz.

During the match, the tennis player suffered from back and chest pain, and if in the statements on the court he did not mention the fact that he was diminished as an excuse, so as not to take away the value of the opponent’s victory, he spoke about later during the final press conference.

“I tried to do my best for the past two weeks. Today was not possible. I fought until the end. It was a very exciting start to the season.”

“I’m doing the best I can. Of course, it was not my day. But I already have experience in these situations. I tried until the end”, he says, then referring to his physical problems in the chest:

“It happened last night, at the end of the match [com Alcaraz, a meia-final]. All I can say is that it was hard to breathe. When I try to breathe, it’s very uncomfortable. Now is not the time to talk about it, even if it’s obvious that I couldn’t do normal things today… That’s all. I lost to a great player, it’s his day,” he said later.

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