THE BALL – Jurgen Klopp went to Luis Díaz (Liverpool) again

Arrive, see, convince and score. It is not accessible to everyone. Luis Díaz, the Colombian international, who left FC Porto for Liverpool in the winter market, in exchange for 45 million euros, was quick to impress fans of the red and, above all, the coach, Jurgen Klopp, who again praised the winger.

The German also defended that he did not expect such an easy adaptation.

“We should not expect miracles, in the immediate future, from this type of player. But he is not far from achieving it. I hope it stays like that for a long time,” he commented in an interview with Sky Sports.

But Klopp didn’t stop there in his analysis of the 25-year-old ex-dragon.

“There is a reason why you sign a player: quality. With Luis it was very special, when we saw him we immediately realized that he would join the team. is normally very difficult, but he didn’t have to change, that’s why we have a very confident boy here, he was in a very good time, at FC Porto, he was playing well for Colombia, and that’s why he arrived here full of confidence. We tried to make sure that he does not lose these good feelings with the instructions that we give him. We want him to be natural, “defended the coach of Diogo Jota.

Since joining Anfield, Luis Díaz has played 12 games and scored two goals.

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