Renault restarts car production in Russia

Production had been stopped after the invasion of Ukraine. The decision goes in the opposite direction of other big companies, which are cutting ties with Moscow

Unlike many Car manufacturers – like volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Mazda and Honda – Renault has decided to resume production in Russia. We recall that, since the invasion of Ukraine, almost a month ago, Moscow has been subjected to the rush of dozens of companies from the most varied sectors.

However, the French company, which had suspended production at the Russian factory about a month ago, due to alleged logistical problems after the invasion of Ukraine, decided on Monday to resume work. According to The Guardian newspaperthis decision was supported by the French government.

already the Reuters Agency refers that sources close to the company confirmed that the administration met about 10 days ago to consider various options, having decided, at least for now, to maintain its presence in Russia. Renault Duster, Kaptur and Arkana and the Nissan Terrano are the car models that Renault produces in Moscow.

Since 2016, Renault has owned two-thirds, or around 67%, of AvtoVAZ, Russia’s largest automaker. Now that means it has more operations in Russia than most other European countries. The company has 40,000 workers in Russia alone.

AvtoVAZ sold nearly 350,000 cars last year, giving Renault a pre-tax profit of 186 million euros.

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