Rafa protests against Benfica goal – Soccer

A tantrum from behind led to Rafa not celebrating the legendary goal scored against Estoril on Sunday. The candidacy goes down in the history of this championship, but that was not enough to delight the Benfica winger, which sowed confusion among the club’s supporters and the general public.

He didn’t celebrate on the pitch, and after the match ended, he told the press, in a detached manner, that he had nothing to say about the goal. This quickly led to the circulation of several theories, including that he was protesting the fact that he had not been summoned to the Selection for the play-off matches to access the World Cup. Sheer error.

O CM knows that Rafa had the ‘game’ up his sleeve for about three months. Everything has its origin in the episode which led to the departure of Jorge Jesus. At the time, he, André Almeida and Pizzi were accused of having “followed the coach” and had formed a center of pressure inside the locker room.

A “plot” which would have had an influence on the departure of other technicians. Rafa was really annoyed that Benfica, at the highest level, didn’t come to the players’ defense, as if he agreed with the accusations. It made him feel that displeasure inside. And he saved the public expression of discontent for a better time. Namely, for when he scored a goal. Since it hadn’t happened for about three months, he had to wait. Until Sunday. It was your revenge.

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