F1: Ferrari promises more progress in Saudi Arabia

If the first sample from Ferrari was very promising, the second sample could be even more so. Mattia Binotto said at the end of the race in Bahrain that Ferrari could raise the bar in the next race, which could start to scare off the competition:

“I’m sure in the next race we’ll start pushing the pace even more,” he said.

According to the head of the Italian team, it is very important that every update is now an improvement. “It’s even more important now that we have a budget cap, so we can’t go wrong. We have few development opportunities.

That all the cars still have a lot to give is easy to understand, but Ferrari’s level, both in terms of chassis and powertrain, is very high and the competition will have to work hard not to let the Italians escape. A good start to the season for Ferrari.

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