A BOLA – FPF marks the Fight against Racial Discrimination with an innovative video (FPF)

The Federation has launched a campaign to celebrate the month against racial discrimination, which will run until the end of the year.

The campaign is announced by a different film, which was filmed with thermal technology cameras – which shows that “we are all of the same race”.

The film is accompanied by a song by Carlão:

“Everyone talks about race.
But not everyone seems to know what it is.
Race is what runs in our blood.
It makes us human and gives us color.
It is the strength that makes us forget the pain.
A sprint that puts us first.
Or the jump that doesn’t come in the script,
And at the end of the day the only color that matters
It is the effort that expresses us.
A color that also shows us.
We are of the same race.

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