THE BALL – Vítor Pereira justifies the revolution at eleven (Brazil)

Vítor Pereira made a real revolution in the eleven of Corinthians – he only kept goalkeeper Cássio – who won, 1-0, during the visit to Novorizontino, in the last round of the 1st phase of the Championship of the State of São Paulo, after losing, 1 -2, with Palmeiras, by Abel Ferreira, and justified himself in a press conference.

“I was aware, plain and clear, that the recovery time after an intense game, like the last one, is not easy. I think I did well, otherwise we would have injury problems. The last game was intense, and with the typical heat here, it’s not easy. A difficult pitch, very irregular, heavy, in which the circulation of the ball becomes complicated. Paulinho, and other players of his quality, who have a certain experience, a certain age, are players who, to play at their level, must be fresh, to the maximum of their abilities. Naturally, the capacity for recovery is not the same at 20 and 30 years old, “said the Portuguese.

It is said that Róger Guedes (61 ‘), was the author of the winning goal with which the Corinthians finished in first place in group A, with 23 points, the first phase of the state of São Paulo.

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