THE BALL – Record assistance animates Ricardo Soares (Gil Vicente)

Gil Vicente supporters and members have heeded Ricardo Soares’ call to make Barcelos’ Cidade stadium the venue to celebrate an already historic League campaign and have responded to the extent expected.

There was not a full house, but after having overcome during the match against Estoril the “psychological” barrier of five thousand supporters in the stands, yesterday this record was beaten and rose to more than 7 thousand souls in the room – 7,216 to be precise.

In the round of additional tickets combined with an action of solidarity with the Ukrainian cause, each partner brought a company and this global force resulted in a house that filled the soul of the coach. At the end of the meeting, Ricardo Soares thanked “the gestures of affection and all the support” he received from the public. Him and the team. Despite falling far short of the quality levels shown in other matches, Gil Vicente yesterday added the 12th consecutive game without losing in the league, a feat that no longer leaves anyone in the city amazed.

There is a sense of pride that spills over from the stands to the lawn, a renewed flame at Barcelos that warms hearts and the city recognizes its football team as the great sporting flag of the county. Strengthening these links and this communion are all challenges posed by the performers, the players and, in this case, the coach. Ricardo Soares took this dialogue from the inside, he is the face of a refreshed Gil, who plays well and continues to levitate on the grass when other teams are already feeling the weight of responsibility and even of the failure on their shoulders.

The draw against Marítimo just arrived in Soares, but left Vitória de Guimarães 10 points behind Gilistas, with seven games left to complete the championship…

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