Russia Sanctions Boost Condom Sales

Dafter the The McDonald’s Restaurant Race And two palisades in Ikea stores, Motivated by closures in the face of condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russians now fear that sanctions against the country will jeopardize the supply of condoms.

According to the British newspaper Metro, the Wildberries online store – the largest in the country – has experienced a 170% increase in sales of contraceptives in the first two weeks of March, compared to the same period last year. Pharmacy chain 36.6 recorded an increase of 26% and supermarkets of 30%.

To the publication, sex shop owner Yesenia Shamonina explained that “people buy for the future, so we are forced to raise prices”. Such a measure can result in a 50% increase, depending on the brand.

Given the increase in demand, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has assured that the supply of condoms will not be affected by the sanctions imposed on the country. “A shortage of this product is not expected. The largest producing countries – Thailand, India, South Korea and China – have not stopped their product deliveries to the Russian Federation »he pointed out.

There are already hundreds of multinational corporations that have suspended their operations in Russia in order to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. Among them stand out the North American giants McDonald’s – whose opening of the first restaurant 30 years ago symbolized the opening of the country to capitalism – and Apple, in addition to the Spanish group Inditex.

This Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to data confirmed by the UN, at least 902 dead and 1,459 injured among the civilian population, including more than 170 children, late Saturday afternoon. There are still more than 3.4 million refugees who have fled to neighboring countries.

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