Real Madrid fans scramble in 52nd minute of El Clássico: ‘It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen them do’ – Real Madrid

Merengues fans started leaving the Santiago Bernabéu after Barcelona made it 0-4

After Barcelona did the 4-0 during the derby against Real Madrid, many merengue supporters left the Santiago Bernabéu. This at 52 minutes. In front of the amphitheater in the Spanish capital, “Marca” addressed some of them who did not hide their frustration at the humiliating result against their rival. “I don’t know what happens when Barcelona come in with a decent team, they get along. Hopefully they don’t score seven,” one fan said. “In 24 years that I have been at the Bernabéu, this is the first time that I leave earlier,” said another Los Blancos fan. But there were those who were even more adamant: “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen Real Madrid do in my life.”

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