‘My feelings for Miguel Oliveira didn’t deceive me’ – Pit Beirer praises Portuguese and RC16 after Mandalika win

After Brad Binder managed to put the RC16 on the podium in Qatar, it was Miguel Oliveira who gave KTM the first victory of the season. In an interview with Speedweek, Pit Beirer – director of KTM Motorsport – commented on the Portuguese’s performance at the Mandalika circuit.

“My feelings for Miguel did not deceive me. But in such difficult conditions, it’s not the punching device that makes the difference, he’s an incredible pilot. We now have a spectacular set, a super powerful engine for the start of the race and we just need to combine this with the electronics and the punching device. It’s like a clock that works together and in the end you also have to have a driver that will implement all this ‘said the director according to German media.

Beirer also reveals that Miguel Oliveira’s data already anticipated a beneficial 2022 season for the Pragal driver:

– I had extreme confidence in Miguel for this year, because he already had a solid performance in Qatar, we saw it in the data. Unfortunately, we didn’t put the result on paper… We were certainly confident for the Mandalika weekend, but given the conditions [climatéricas] precarious that prevails today [ontem] we were all tense until the last corner, because in a race in the rain like this, the slightest mistake puts you in the gravel.

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