LE BALLON – Messi with the national team despite the absence of the match with Monaco (Paris Saint-Germain)

Lionel Messi missed Paris Saint-Germain’s weekend game, which ended in a 0-3 loss to Monaco, with the flu, but Argentina guarantee the player should join the team national on Tuesday.

The TyC Sports channel guarantees this Monday that the midfielder has decided to travel anyway to play the matches against Venezuela and Ecuador, which close the qualification, while Argentina has already qualified.

With the flu preventing training on Friday and Saturday, the decision was made to postpone for a day the private flight which usually transports the Argentines from PSG – Messi, Di María and Paredes – to Buenos Aires for a day.

According to the same source, the flight should have taken place on Sunday evening, a few hours after the game in Monaco, but as the first game is only on Friday, Messi and his teammates have postponed the flight for 24 hours and arrive on Tuesday. just in Ezeiza.

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