“I’m sitting here with screws in my hips…”


Saka didn’t like being ‘carried’ by opponents at Aston Villa-Arsenal and Gerrard pointed out that English football is tough and the striker will have to get used to it.

Bukayo Saka scored the goal that gave Arsenal the 1-0 victory over Aston Villa, but all was not positive for the striker, who suffered tough tackles and left the game turned upside down as there was no no sanctions against opponents by the refereeing team.

“I didn’t complain to the referee, but I warned him that my style of play is this, going one-on-one, and sometimes I need protection when the opponent tries to kicking me inadvertently,” the Englishman told BT Sport. .

Confronted with these statements, Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard said Saka needed to mature because football is a difficult and contact game. “Those are things that are part of the game. I think football is always a contact sport. Physical play is allowed. Saka is a good player, he has an incredible talent and I really like him. But you don’t can’t complain about that football is like that I’m sitting here with screws in my hips I’ve had 16 surgeries and I’m in pain every time I go to the gym These are the consequences of making a living by playing English football. He will learn,” said the former Liverpool footballer.

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