António Miguel Cardoso and the Edwards company: “There were aspects that were not transparent” – V. Guimarães

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Vitória president says situation around Plata was unclear

The Edwards Company keep talking. This time it was António Miguel Cardoso who, in an interview with ‘Canal 11’, gave his opinion on the transfer of the winger from Vitória to Sporting, noting that there were aspects that were not transparent . “Do not report to my management. Edwards wanted to leave, the value seems reasonable to me, given the situation of Vitória at that time, but there are a number of situations that are not transparent and do not correspond to the truth What was communicated was that Plata would go to Vitória next season and that, if Valladolid exercised the option, Vitória would be reimbursed in a Sporting asset up to 3 million. What would make more sense would be that the 3 million would be directed towards Vitória happened is that Vitória has the right of first refusal to buy Plata, that is, if a club makes an offer, Vitória can match. I agree with what happened. If a club pays 10 million, it is impossible for Vitória to exercise this option. And I am not saying that it is not valid, but it has not been communicated to Vitória’s partners”, he underlined.

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