Android 13 monitors battery consumption and doesn’t let apps abuse it

Android 13 is already a reality and many new features are unveiled with each new version released. Google is preparing this new version to soon be able to show all the work it has already created.

The search giant wants to give users even more control and use its system for that. This was recently seen in permissions and is now coming back with battery drains. Android 13 will be more controlling and prevent apps from abusing consumption.

Smartphone battery Android 13 Google

There is still a lot to know about Android 13 and the new features it brings to users that will hit the mainstream at the end of the summer.

Something that has now been revealed brings an important novelty to users. It focuses on the battery and the consumption that applications can make of this element, trying to control and alert users of these abnormal and unwanted situations.

Smartphone battery Android 13 Google

information comes from Google itselfwhich will make it transversally active on Android 13. Whenever an app is detected using the battery heavily for 24 hours, it will notify the user and show them this situation.

Of course, the focus will be on apps that consume battery in the background, which the user does not directly detect. Alerts will be limited and only appear every 24 hours, then move to 30-day windows.

Smartphone battery Android 13 Google

Of course, Android 13 will have some exceptions in this battery check. System apps, VPNs and other alternatives that really need to run in the background and will almost always be excluded from this list of apps that need to control consumption.

This is a great addition to Google's system, as it will ensure that any misbehaving apps are identified. By ensuring that the battery has lower consumption, it can also improve the use of smartphones.

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