THE BALL – “The record will only have meaning if we are champions” (FC Porto)

At the end of the game at the Estádio do Bessa, which FC Porto won 1-0, Sérgio Conceição equaled the best score of consecutive matches (55) at home without defeat and placed himself in one of the best of all time, held by Benfica, under John Mortimore (56 games), but the coach did not appreciate this record very much.

“For the moment, it means nothing. The record will only make sense if we are champions. This is, quite frankly, the most important thing. I’m happy with these numbers, it’s my job, the technical team, the whole working group, but, I repeat, it will only make sense if, at the end, in May, we celebrate the title “, commented the Porto coach. .

The competitive break, due to the team’s commitments, is welcomed with open arms by Sérgio Conceição: “The break is beneficial because the team comes from a brutal competitive density. Rest for the new cycle, a little lighter because we unfortunately left the Europa League.”

Taremi’s unexpected absence made it difficult for Bessa to get the three points, the coach admitted: “Obviously it made the difference, even though our players knew what we wanted for the match, in which , for example, the central knows the work of the spearhead, we have opted for a diamond in the midfield so as not to refer to the very strong pressure that Boavista exerts in this sector, we have managed to create and conditioning Boavista’s defensive work, too bad we didn’t make other chances and win with more comfort.”

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