THE BALL – The FIA ​​admits its mistake, but Verstappen wins the title (Formula 1)

The World Council of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has admitted there was “human error” at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, in the final World Cup race last year, which caused a lot of talk, but it is guaranteed, this Saturday, that he will retain the title won by Max Verstappen (Red Bull).

The conclusions of the report on the aforementioned event, published by means of a press release, point to an error by the Australian Michael Masi, at the time race director – although replaced by the Portuguese Eduardo Freitas -, but, guaranteeing that he “acted in good faith”. “In addition to the objective of finishing the race with the green flag, as throughout the 2021 season, the race director acted in good faith and did the best he could, given the difficult circumstances, in particular time constraints to make a decision and the intense pressure of the teams”, one can read.

It is also read that the results of the Abu Dhabi race “are valid, final and cannot be modified”, thus confirming the conquest of the first world title of Max Verstappen’s career.

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