THE BALL – The captain’s warning for the duel with Benfica (Liverpool)

Jordan Henderson, one of Liverpool’s captains, has commented on the Champions League quarter-final draw which put Benfica on their way to the Anfield side.

“It would always be a tough encounter, whoever the opponent is. I don’t really look at the gifts. Whoever the opponent is, we’re going to focus on them and give our all, like we always do. Benfica will be, well sure, a tough rival who in the last round knocked out Ajax, who had yet to lose a game in the Champions League this season. It will be a tough test for us, like everyone else in the Champions League. , especially in the round of 16.”

The experienced England midfielder, however, assumes that playing the second leg at home is an advantage for Liverpool: “The away goals rule no longer applies, so I don’t think it makes a big difference. But I think playing at home in the second leg can help us a bit.

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