THE BALL – Sporting passes in front of the Cup with “a handful” of opportunism (Futsal)

The final result of the confrontation between SC Braga and Sporting (1-5) may indicate a late afternoon rested for the Lions. However, none of that happened, with the lion’s victory being guided by the better management of every moment of the game.

SC Braga entered more efficiently and opened the scoring through Rudi, matching a precise pass from Tiago Brito into a throw-in, the same gesture Sporting used to tie, through Pauleta.

The match remained balanced, but with just over 30 seconds left, Cardinal was opportunistic and gave the greens and whites an extremely important advantage for the management of the second half.

SC Braga remained attacking in the search for the draw, but a characteristic individual initiative from Alex Merlim allowed Sporting to reach 1-3 and finally decide the identity of the match winner.

Due to the disadvantage, the Minho risked the 5×4 and found himself, as at the end of the first half, punished by the finishing instinct of Cardinal, who scored twice in the last minute and a half.

Three goals in total for the pivot among the five achieved by the lion, which thus reaches the ‘Final 8’ and will be able to continue to defend the title which it has held for three seasons.

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