THE BALL – LeBron James is already the second leading scorer of all time (NBA)

Another historic step in the career of LeBron James: he climbed to second place in the NBA all-time scorer rankings with 36,947 points, surpassing Karl Malone (36,928). Above, there is only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387 points unreachable since the start.

A feat achieved in the last morning, where he scored 38 points and 10 rebounds, however insufficient to guarantee victory in Washington, where he was acclaimed. The Lakers remain in ninth place in the Western Conference, with 30 wins and 41 losses, far from the places that give direct access to the play-offs.


Cleveland Cavaliers – Detroit Pistons, 113 – 109

Washington Wizards-LA Lakers, 127-119

Charlotte Bobcats-Dallas Mavericks, 129-108

Minnesota Timberwolves-Milwaukee Bucks, 138-119

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