THE BALL – Edwards applauded and no celebrations (Sporting)

Marcus Edwards returned to Guimarães, where he played until the end of January, before moving to Sporting, and took the opportunity to miss some former teammates, but also to score a goal on the pitch where he so often spread the magic . This time, however, he did not celebrate, out of respect for the fans and the Victorian club.

There were still few spectators in the stands of D. Afonso Henriques when Edwards took the field to meet several players of the emblem of Minho, with whom, for a long time, he exchanged greetings and a few words.

Despite wearing the lions shirt, the Englishman was cheered on by Vitória fans as soon as he stepped onto the pitch, replacing Sarabia, and a few minutes later, in a genius move, capped Sporting’s victory.

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