THE BALL – Benfica wins Immortal in Luz (Basketball)

Benfica defeated Immortal, this Saturday, by 95-64, in a delayed match for the 13th round of the Basketball League, at the Pavilhão da Luz.

The match was supposed to be played at the end of 2021, but due to Covid-19 cases at Immortal this was not possible. A balanced first quarter, with Benfica betting more on the indoor game, effective in the basket, with Wendell Lewis in the spotlight, with 10 points.

Immortal was also strong in the basket, but José Barbosa’s triple left the Reds with a 28-20 lead in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Benfica continued to be very effective in the basket and Ivan Almeida stood out in defensive rebounds, while Immortal was not very aggressive defensively. The reds therefore went to halftime with a 20-point advantage (52-32).

In the second half of the match, Norberto Alves’ men continued to be very strong in collective play and rebounds (10), with 52.9% efficiency in shots (9/17) and 42.9% in triples (3/7), while Algarve had low levels of efficiency in the basket (4/16, 25%) and 14.3% (1/7) in treble. The reds won in the third quarter by 28 points (74-46). In the last quarter there were more balanced partials, the reds scoring 21 points and Immortal scoring 18, but the difference was already made and Benfica won the one-sided match by 95-64.

The figures of the match were Wendell Lewis with (18 p, 7 first and 1st) on the side of Benfica and Roody Peters (17 p, 4 first and 5 last) on the side of the Immortals. Next Wednesday, March 23, Benfica has an appointment with Sporting at the Pavilhão João Rocha, to play the 16th day of the championship.

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