Portugal win in Switzerland to discuss World Cup 23 qualification with Netherlands

Guimarães’ triumph was repeated in Winterthur and the national team was one step away from another final phase of a great competition.

After the triumph in Guimarães, by 33-26, the national team confirmed this Sunday, in Winterthur, the passage to the second qualifying round for the World Cup, which will be played in Poland and Sweden, between the 12th and the 29th. January, again winning Switzerland, 28-33.

Paulo Jorge Pereira’s side started the game very well and were almost always in front, having reached the break with a comfortable 13-17.

In the second half, and when the gap reached 21-25, there was no doubt who would go forward.

The final stage of World Cup qualifying will take place on April 13 and 16 (dates to be confirmed), against the Netherlands, a team that entered directly into the final stage of the play-offs.

With a lead of seven goals to manage, the national team performed well, knowing how to take advantage of opportunities to counter-attack. Pedro Portela, with five goals, and Diogo Branquinho, with four, were the top scorers, while on the opposite side big star Andre Schmid was left blank.

Poland and Sweden (organizers), Denmark (champion), France, Norway and Spain (best of European’22), Bahrain, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea (Asia), Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay (America do Sul) and Belgium, which should face Russia in the second play-off, have already qualified for the final phase. Portugal will now fight for one of the eight remaining European places, in a championship which will feature 32 teams.

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