Pol Espargaró bluntly: “If Marc Márquez had been injured, it would have been Michelin’s fault”

Marc Márquez was not present on the grid for the race this Sunday after an accident that the n°93 played during the Warm Up session. Thus, Por Espargaró, who was ranked 12th, spoke again about the difficulties he felt and defended that if Marc Márquez had been injured, the responsibility would lie with those who chose to take a tire different from the one used in the tests.

“When we complain about Michelin, it’s not because we like doing it, but because of the problems we are facing” […]. Marc was lucky not to be injured, but if that had happened, it would have been the consequence of a bad choice, for us, of an outside partner.argued Espargaró in a debriefing.

Remember Marc Márquez’s accident in the following video:

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