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The sporting midfielder leaves harsh criticism over the clashes in the stands in Guimarães and the examples set by some parents for their children

V. Guimarães-Sporting (1-3) were also marked by clashes in the stands and police charges in the second half, which even led to the interruption of the match for a few minutes. In one of the centers of the Estádio D. Afonso Henriques there were moments of panic with dozens of spectators running towards the exits. Given the situation, referee Fábio Veríssimo ended up interrupting the match due to the number of chairs that flew on the pitch after being thrown at the police. After the match, João Palhinha left harsh criticism about what happened. “Very happy with today’s win! Maybe that was another one to ignore, but today being Father’s Day, I felt I had to say a few words to some of them who were present at the stadium today. You should look at your children when they got home and think about what example they want to set for them?! Sad to see stadiums with incredible environments and with so much potential in our country and to deal with situations like today their “idols”. Think and think twice before taking your children to the stadium if it is to have a certain type of attitude. I am not yet a father but I am convinced that the education and training we leave to our children is the greatest legacy they have carried all their lives,” midfielder Leo said on Instagram.


V. Guimarães says confusion in the stands was caused by Sporting fans

A publication that has earned the agreement of colleagues, such as Pote, Matheus Reis or Luís Maximiano.

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