Fountain of Bastardo Benfica Cup Portugal

Emotional, uncertain and always disputed game! During the final of the Portuguese Volleyball Cup, in Viana do Castelo, the benfica started losing, recovered and won Fonte do Bastardo, by 1-3, winning the 19th trophy of the queen competition.

challenge with a Difficult start for Benfica, who could not cope with the aggressiveness of the Fonte do Bastardo service. As the team made a few mistakes at reception and lost 7-1, Marcel Matz stopped the game. Japa on duty, closed block and Benfica to (re)enter the game. The Eagles tried to recover in zones 2 and 4, but the powerful serve that came from the other side of the net resulted in points for Fonte do Bastardo.who was right 25-20in the 1st part.

More balance in 2nd seriesBenfica improving on reception and managing to overcome the Fonte do Bastardo defence, who got involved several unforced errorsallowing the the eagles pass the marker for the first time (11-12). This advantage and the support of the fans gave confidence to the eagles, which began to grow in the game. The course of events has not changed and the embodied won 23-25.

Fonte do Bastardo - Benfica

What a hot set this 3rd! It was taco by taco, dot by dot, with successive alternation in the marker. From the moment Benfica started to show their talents (11-12), nothing stopped them! neat service, more concentration and communication, armored blockpart of 18-25 and 1-2 in the game.

The eagles were wrong 4th serieswithout being able to attack effectively, nor use the outside. He took advantage of Fonte do Bastardo, better in reception, to distance himself on the counterattack. At 7-2, Marcel Matz stopped the game. Benfica didn’t give up, recovered and leveled the game, advancing after 16-16. The environment was incredible, and the support of the Benfiquistas catapulted the eagles to victory! 22-25, 1-3 in the match and the coveted conquest of the Portuguese Cup trophy, the 19th in the history of the Club!

Fonte do Bastardo - Benfica


Marcel Matz (Benfica coach): “We won an important title for the season. Benfica’s objective is always to win. Saturday’s match was heavy, more than that, it’s a chain of one day to another, that overload, but the group is solid, I have confidence in all the players and I’m happy that we managed to win. We still have a lot of support in the North, it also shows the greatness of Benfica. In the 2nd set, the fans gave us a lot of support and the strength on the pitch increased and it became a very difficult match.

Hugo Gaspar (captain of the Benfica team): “I hope to continue lifting Cups. We have one more this season, we have already achieved two goals, the Super Cup and the Portuguese Cup. The team is supernatural, the number of titles we have together and the courage we have… we showed all of that today. The team gave it their all, in front of a great home crowd here in Viana do Castelo. Now is the time to celebrate so we can focus on the Championship, another title we want.”

Tiago Violas (Benfica distributor): “It’s been a constant since I’ve been at Benfica, we have a team with great players, all with the level to play. Today was proof of that. We didn’t start so well, but we got on. returned and won the Cup.”

Benfica Cup of Portugal

Lucas France (Central defender of Benfica): “I have no words to describe it. I thank the group, the technical team and the Benfiquistas, who are always with us. You can expect delivery, strength and research until the end points and titles.”

Japan (Benfica zone 4): “The secret was to be resilient, to stay firm and to withstand the pressure. We didn’t start well, but we kept a cool head. We went into the game and we never stopped. C It’s always good to play in the North and see as many fans as there were here today.”

Bernardo Westerman (Benfica distributor): “It’s my first year here, it’s been amazing. I’m having a good time, the team always helps me. It’s been a focused week. On Saturday we played against Sporting, today my mind was 100% here. The fans have helped us a lot.”

Rapha (zone 4 of Benfica): “Today was very demanding. To turn around like we did shows a lot of maturity and will to win. I feel the ‘Benfica’ spirit is embodied in this volleyball team “The team are warriors, it’s a pleasure to be on the pitch with them. To be with the fans in this atmosphere is incredible.”

Fonte do Bastardo - Benfica

Fonte do Bastardo – Benfica
Viana do Castelo Cultural Center
Benfica’s starting line-up
Rapha, Hugo Gaspar, Tiago Violas, Peter Wohlfi, Lucas França, Japa and Ivo Casas (L)
André Lopes, Bernardo Westermann, Pablo Natan, Aaro Nikula, Zelão, Carlos Puron and Bernardo Silva (L)
1st set 2nd series 3rd series 4th series
25-20 23-25 18-25 22-25

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