“Do you expect me to respond to someone who has only won Serie B?”


Statements by José Mourinho in response to Zdenek Zeman, former coach of Roma and Lazio

José Mourinho reacted bitterly to statements by Zdenek Zeman, the former coach of the two clubs in the Italian capital who, ahead of Sunday’s derby between Roma and Lazio, assured that Maurizio Sarri was doing better this season than the Portuguese .

“It’s not a matter of preference. Sarri is doing a better job, he’s already given Lazio an identity. Mourinho hasn’t lived up to expectations so far. I’m not talking about communication, but about quality Roma still don’t know what they want to do on the pitch, while Lazio are more balanced,” were Zeman’s words that provided the Portuguese coach’s bitter response on Sunday.

“A manager who has won 25 trophies should respond to someone who has only won Serie B twice. [segunda divisão italiana]? If you ask me about Giovanni Trapattoni or Fabio Capello, I’d be happy to answer but Zeman… please, I can’t,” Mourinho said.

Roma host Lazio in a Serie A Matchday 30 match at 5 p.m. on Sunday. by Maurizio Sarri and fifth.

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