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O benfica received and defeated Immortal (95-64) on the afternoon of this Saturday, March 19, in a match for the 13th round of the Betclic League regular season, a triumph based on two devastating quarters.

O the dominance in the tables and the high percentage in two-point shots (70% efficiency against 37% for the Immortal) were decisive for Benfica to win another game in the Betclic Leagueplacing themselves, albeit conditionally, at the head of the race.

If the first quarter ended in an advantage of only eight points (28-20) for the team led by Norberto Alves, in two following the eagles were overwhelming and scored 46 points against 26 from the Algarve.

Benfica-Imortal, 13th round regular phase Liga Betclic

This disadvantage was decisive and the the consolidation of the victory of the eagles was achieved with the rotation of the athleteswhich led to the last quarter ending as the most balanced, including in points, even though Benfica won it 21-18.

minutes, the Benfica won another game in the competition and return to action on WednesdayMarch 23, against Sportingat 8:30 p.m., at the João Rocha Pavilion, during the 16th round of the regular phase of the Betclic League.

Benfica-Imortal, 13th round regular phase Liga Betclic

Loyalty Pavilion
Benfica’s starting lineup
Frank Gaines, Aaron Broussard, Travis Munnings, Makram Ben Romdhane and Wendell Lewis
José Silva, José Barbosa, Diogo Gameiro, Betinho Gomes, Arnette Hallman and Ivan Almeida
1st trimester 2nd trimester 3rd trimester 4th trimester
28-20 52-32 74-46 95-64
Benfica goalscorers
Wendell Lewis (18), Frank Gaines (14), Ivan Almeida (11), José Barbosa (7), José Silva (7), Diogo Gameiro (7), Arnette Hallman (7), Travis Munnings (6), Betinho Gomes (6), Aaron Broussard (3)

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