Amorim didn’t like seeing Porro talk about the injury: ‘You have to learn’

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Statements by Sporting coach Rúben Amorim, in the Estádio D press room, Afonso Henriques, after the 3-1 triumph against V. Guimarães, commenting on the fact that Pedro Porro took to social media to saying he had muscle discomfort, but no injury, in a post that he later deleted:

[Pedro Porro] “I was not 100%, the players are eager to show that they are well. I understand what they are saying, it’s a completely different world, but this need to say that we don’t have injury… those are things you have to learn. What Porro has is to play. I’m very happy with Esgaio, very competent in defense and attack, like on the second goal where his timing is important. There was no doubt that he was going to play a great game.

[Pressão pode sentir-se numa equipa jovem] “I felt the team much more nervous last year, I was more nervous myself. The team plays better, attacks more, has more ball, does everything better. Obviously we are behind and we has the pressure that the first to fall will resolve a bit. We have to live with this pressure, we started quite well, we suffered in the only opportunity that Vitória had”.

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