″Think and think twice before taking your kids to the stadium″

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Message from the Sporting midfielder following the clashes in Guimarães.

João Palhinha, a substitute used in the game with V. Guimarães, left a message on social media regretting the clashes in the stands and the consequent police charge that interrupted the match in the second half.

“Very happy with the win. Maybe that was another one to ignore, but today being Father’s Day, I felt I had to say a few words to some of them who were at the stadium. today they should look at your children when they had at home and think about the example they want to set for them Sad to see stadiums with incredible environments and with so much potential in our country and we are facing to situations like today. Ashamed to see 14, 15, 16 year old kids playing in a way similar to your idols. ” Think and think twice before taking your kids to the stadium if you are going to have a certain attitude.
I am not yet a father but I have no doubt that the education and training we leave to our children is the greatest legacy they will take with them for life,” the Portugal international wrote on Instagram. .

Chairs, lighters, corks and a whole range of objects rained down on the lawn of the Estádio D. Afonso Henriques during a match as exciting between the two teams as in the stands. The intensity with which the Victorian supporters experienced critical moments culminated in the interruption of the match, by referee Fábio Veríssimo, in the 76th minute. At that time, armchairs were fiercely stolen, which were probably aimed at Sporting supporters, but which ended up going against elements of the police intervention corps. The game has stopped. Torches and whatever else could be thrown occupied everyone’s space and attention. The referee consulted the League delegates and the players of V. Guimarães approached the bench where the commotion was taking place, with gestures calling for calm. It took a while to get back to normal. Almost seven minutes later, Fábio Veríssimo decided to resume the game to order Estupiñán to be replaced by Bruno Duarte.

The vice-president of the local team, Nuno Leite, went public at the end of the meeting to give his version of the origin of what happened and to announce that the management of V. Guimarães will ask ” a meeting with the police command”. . “What the management of Vitória wants is the return of the passion for the white hell, which happened throughout the game. safety net that gave rise to this situation. Inexplicably, yet another times, the police charge is focused only on our fans. Anyone who doesn’t “I don’t feel like they’re the sons of good people. And they had the attitude that they had. The fans are the image of this club, the passion and the soul, it’s not what we want for football. We will investigate what happened and we will request a meeting with the PSP command, which is our duty to defend our fans without compromise,” Nuno Leite said in his short statement to reporters.

Paulinho’s goal, in the overturning of the scoreboard, raised the spirits, which led to clashes between very close supporters. The PSPs rushed to the scene to alleviate the situation and it was then that chairs and other objects flew towards the intervention corps. It was not easy to quell the fury, so much so that Fábio Veríssimo felt the need to ask the speaker to send messages in order to calm the atmosphere.

These incidents were the culmination of others that occurred sporadically throughout the game, albeit to a lesser extent. The annoyance in the stands began when the referee signaled the penalty that Sarabia was going to convert (1-1). Fans behind Bruno Varela’s goal threw a series of objects and a chair jumped off the west bench, handed over to League delegates. There, the police had to position themselves quickly to react in order to restore order.

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