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The Municipal Department of Health (SMS) launches next Monday (21) the campaign against tuberculosis. Allusive to the celebration of the world day of fight against the disease – March 24 – the action aims to reinforce the prevention and the importance of the diagnosis, by encouraging the observance and the permanence of the treatment.

Campaign actions will be carried out from March 21 to 25 and will be centralized in health facilities, which have mobilized to promote conferences in waiting rooms. In these, healthcare professionals will have the opportunity to discuss various disease-related topics with users and intensify guidelines to ensure proper treatment of such cases.

“Our main objective is to raise public awareness of the disease. But we are also committed to actively tracing patients, both to detect new cases and to recover those who have dropped out of treatment,” said program coordinator Tatiana Almeida do Nascimento.

Coordinator of the Municipal Tuberculosis Program, Tatiana Almeida do Nascimento.  Photo: SMS Ascom
Coordinator of the Municipal Tuberculosis Program, Tatiana Almeida do Nascimento. Photo: SMS Ascom

According to the coordination of the Municipal Program for the Fight against Tuberculosis, these activities are routinely carried out by health facilities, but they are generally intensified during mobilization, such as at the moment. Despite this, the historical series 2017/2021 of the frequency of cases in Maceió indicates the notification of an average of around 500 new cases of the disease per year in the capital of Alagoas.

Another factor that attracts the attention of the coordination is the percentage of people who drop out of treatment, which reaches 14% of diagnosed patients. The percentage is considered worrying, mainly because the users who reinforce these sheets are generally patients in a situation of social vulnerability, such as drug and/or alcohol users, psychiatric patients, HIV-positive patients and people with great precariousness, which is becoming a major problem. complicating factor for continuity of treatment.

Tatiana Nascimento points out that the diagnosis and treatment have easy access for users of all the health units of the municipality, which have, in the health center II of Praça da Maravilha, the reference structure for specific cases and which need specialist treatment guidance, performed free of charge over the public network for a minimum period of six months.


Tuberculosis is transmitted from person to person. By sneezing, coughing or talking, the patient with tuberculosis in the lungs spreads bacteria in the air that can be inhaled by other people. Sharing cutlery, cups, napkins or toilets does not transmit TB. Kisses and hugs too. Closed and poorly ventilated environments favor the transmission of the disease. Sunlight and ventilation help prevent. The BCG vaccine, recommended for children under one year old, only protects children against the most severe forms of the disease. Prevention is important to reduce the risk of air contamination.

The date

March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day. The date was created in 1982 by the World Health Organization (WHO) in honor of the 100th anniversary of the announcement of the discovery of the bacillus responsible for tuberculosis, which took place on March 24, 1882, by the Dr Robert Koch.

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