When TRIANGULAR STRATEGY was shown for the first time, still under the name Project TRIANGULAR STRATEGYwe already felt that something special was brewing.

What first caught my attention was the use of technology HD-2D which has been implemented in TRAVELING OCTOPATHE developped by to acquire and published by Square-Enix. Its use allowed the graphics of the game to resemble the classics RPG 2D from the 90s, but with a modern twist, giving it a unique appeal.

TRIANGULAR STRATEGY was not developed by to acquire and yes by Artdinkhowever I imagine the use of this technology belongs to Square-Enix as they are already using it in future games like LIVE LIVE and HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest III. Finally, after seeing all of this, it became clear that TRIANGULAR STRATEGY it was not a traditional RPG but a turn-based strategy game, like Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Tactics, Brilliant strength and many more.

A genre I’ve come to love over the years and couldn’t wait for this game to release, we got access to demos, trailers and more to make the wait easier. Now that this little beauty is among us, is it worth embarking on this epic adventure to the continent of Norway? Find out in this review!

The art of this game is simply amazing.


The story of this game takes place on the continent of Norway which is ruled by three nations, they are:

  • kingdom of Glenbrook
  • Grand Duchy of frosted
  • holy state of Hyzante

the main character of TRIANGULAR STRATEGY called Serene Wolffortson of the lord of one of the most important houses that protect the Kingdom of Glenbrook. The beginning of the plot is marked by a detailed presentation of several characters, a lot of information about the universe and details about the current situation of this continent. It is quite natural for players to get lost in a sea of ​​so much detail, so I advise you to play paying close attention to what is said so as not to miss anything because the plot of this game is simply magnificent. , adult and complex, those who invest will have a return worthy of the best of its kind.

Moments of hope… right?

Patience is the key word here. In the first 5 hours you will probably face around 3 major battles which last an average of 30 minutes, the rest of this time will be huge dialogues, some exploration and bathroom breaks, enjoy this last one to digest all that has been said . Do not take this information as something negative, the producers have worked hard to create an achievable scenario, without bullshit and in addition developing many characters.

After a specific event that I won’t talk about, the game picks up nicely and the pace picks up a bit. Another thing that will give you a good boost will be your heart when you see some of the most violent and dramatic scenes I have seen in a game of the genre, depending on how invested in the story you will surely feel striking things!

At various times we will have to persuade our friends to reach a common verdict.

Something I couldn’t fail to mention is the system Condemnation scales where we bring together all relevant group members and through a vote we decide what the next step will be. This part of the game is one of my favorites because it lets you try to persuade your friends to make the same decision as you, whatever it is. If your arguments are good enough, of course. Of course, there are characters who will be by your side from the start.

This game is a visual delight.

It is through these choices that the game forks, forcing the player to replay from the beginning if they want to see different routes, greatly increasing the replay value of TRIANGULAR STRATEGY.

Finally I can say that in addition to incredible characters like serene, Roland and Frederique, TRIANGULAR STRATEGY brought an extremely rich universe and an intrigue that will never be forgotten by whoever writes to you.


There’d be no point in having a great story if the gameplay was bad, would there? Luckily, we’re up against one of the best combat systems of all time. Each character has unique skills that make all the difference, I didn’t find any useless throughout the course. There are logically those characters whose classes are the already known classics of the genre, such as swordsmen and wizards, however TRIANGULAR STRATEGY It has very special elements.

I will give an example to make it easier to understand. From the start of the game we have a character who is a blacksmith, he can improve the weapons of the fighters, but he can also be chosen in battle. This specific character can create devices such as traps and even ladders, allowing access to high places with characters that cannot jump or do not have special mounts. Keep in mind that the setting of the game is not just an arena from which you unload your best attacks and hit the ball.

The sets are not only magnificent, they also hold many surprises.

Battlegrounds can change, like having the ground frozen or even if you have it in a plantation you run the risk of playing a fire spell and grilling your character. There are so many variations that make any battle a fight to the death.

We already know that fighting in TRIANGULAR STRATEGY it’s hugely fun and challenging, but be aware there’s also a lot of customization, it’s not super complex in that sense (which is sometimes a blessing) and it might even seem simplistic at first, but that impression ends quickly as your team begins to grow and grow. Several characters will be part of the troupe and not all of them are essentially relevant to the plot and they do not need to be, they fulfill their role perfectly.


TRIANGULAR STRATEGY It’s the most beautiful turn-based strategy game I’ve ever played in my life, without thinking twice. Technology HD-2D already mentioned at the start of this review brings a nostalgic air to the visuals and still manages to impress with its extensive use of image post-processing, such as depth-of-field blurring (bokeh) and Bloom. All of this loads the Switch a bit and makes it sluggish at times, but since we’re playing a game that doesn’t require precise controls, this complaint turns out to be unfounded.

It’s time to vote!

And the soundtrack, huh? A delight. composed entirely of Akira Senjua little known name in the gaming world as he stood out more as an anime soundtrack composer, did an outstanding job with TRIANGULAR STRATEGY. The songs are not only beautiful and appropriate, but of excellent quality, with a full orchestra to accompany them. The production level of these caterpillars is very high and adds a lot to the product.

The voice acting is not left out either and we can say that all the actors did a great job here, many of them had to really dramatize heavy scenes and luckily it was nothing awkward, something relatively common in games with English dubbing.


TRIANGULAR STRATEGY is a love letter to fans of the strategy genre, a game that brings everything to extreme quality and shows the world that we can indeed have an SRPG with production values ​​as high as a traditional RPG.


  • A very well-constructed plot, with remarkable characters and an epic resolution
  • The game is too beautiful, impeccable artistic direction
  • The soundtrack is one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen in this genre
  • Combat system that rewards the smartest player and of course, addictive
the inconvenients

  • A bit of input lag in the controls due to small slowdowns
  • Less patient players will find it difficult to advance in the game, especially at the beginning
David Signorelli

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