This Saturday (19) Turvo is campaigning against the dengue mosquito

The working group will take place in the city center, because according to the Sanitary Surveillance, it is in this region that the greatest infestation of the insect is found.

It is in the Center that we find the largest infestation of mosquitoes (Photo: Ascom/Mairie de Turvo)

This Saturday (19) there will be a cleaning and awareness campaign against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito in the Center of Turvo. According to municipal health surveillance, this region has the greatest infestation of the insect.

In this way, the Municipal Health Service of Turvo warns the population of an increase in dengue epidemics in the city. According to the Division of Environmental and Occupational Health Surveillance (DVSAT), the Region is currently experiencing a high rate of infestation by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The team makes daily visits for orientation, inspection and collecting samples of possible mosquito breeding sites. That way, health agencies are advising all residents to check the yard at least once a week. In addition to removing any type of container from the house that can accumulate water.

Health Surveillance advises that gutters on roofs and ditches with water should also be checked. Finally, the town hall informs the population that if you have symptoms, such as a high fever of 39º to 40ºC of sudden onset, immediately consult an emergency care unit.

In addition, the Surveillance asks that, if the resident knows a place with possible shelters, notify the Municipality by telephone. (42) 3642-1692.

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