The low demand for a booster dose endangers the release of the mask in Piauí – Piauí

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The municipalities of Piauí have difficulties in application of the booster dose against Covid-19. The low demand for vaccinations from the population has been observed throughout the state, according to data collected by the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) of the Government of Piauí. Only 18.30% of cities have more than 50% of the population vaccinated with the booster dose.

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O Professor Emídio Matosresearcher at the Federal University of Piauí (UFPI) and member of the COE of the state government, warns that these figures compromise all the planning carried out for vaccination and can lead to an increase in serious cases of the disease in the state.

Photo: Assis Fernandes/O Dia

“Several studies show that after four months the vaccine loses its effectiveness and, with the Ômicron variant, if people do not have a booster, the risk of serious illness increases. A very important task before removing the masks is to do the booster dose,” he told O DIA.

Emídio Matos criticizes the measure adopted by the prefecture of teresina this week to free the use of the mask in open places. It presents data that the capital is less than 50% of the population vaccinated with the booster dose. The researcher also advises Teresina to consider the municipalities that make up the metropolitan area and the daily flow of people between these cities.

“It’s still very little. It is necessary to proceed with a dose of reinforcement to, in fact, create an environment of greater safety. The problem on the outside is that you have no control. In closed environments, you can charge for the vaccination certificate. The person himself is more at risk, who for some reason has not been vaccinated, because he puts others at greater risk,” he said.

Photo: Assis Fernandes/O Dia

According to the Vacinometer of the State Department of Health (Sesapi), 92% of the population of Piauí is immunized with the 1st dose or single dose, while 81% have already received the 2nd dose and only 36% have received the booster dose.

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