the director explains his relationship with The Dark Pictures

THE Supermassive Games Announcedlast Thursday (17), The careera new horror game modeled on until dawn — exclusive to PS4. Some fans wondered why the title wasn’t part of the anthology. dark picturesand the studio explained why.

In an interview with IGN, Will Byles, director of the project, pointed out that while the new production has many similarities with the anthology games, there are specific qualities that set them apart. He suggests that the other franchise’s release cadence provides a lot more freedom to use a wider range of genres.

The Dark Pictures is obviously an anthology and followed a shared story path and a shorter format with a higher release rate.

The Quarry, on the other hand, is more like a classic teen horror movie that sticks more rigidly to horror tropes and features lighthearted elements similar to the Scream franchise.

For this teenage horror, it’s not a set profile, but there is a certain expectation. It’s much lighter. There’s a lot of weird, self-referential things like Scream, where we all know the rules, which are “don’t open the door” or “when there’s a noisy hatch, leave it alone”.

Official cover of The Quarry game.
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The Quarry pre-order is now available on the PS Store, with options up to BRL449.50. Apparently the title will not be updated for free from generation to generation and will be released separately with versions for PS4 and PS5 – it also comes to Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

Meet the cast of The Quarry

Supermassive Games picked the cast for The Quarry, which features veteran actors and actresses from classic horror films. Check the names!

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