THE BALL – Veríssimo praises the call of Gonçalo Ramos and Weigl to the national team (Benfica)

Nélson Veríssimo assessed Weigl’s call-up to the German national team and Gonçalo Ramos’ work in various positions which helps the German perform better.

Weigl was called up, how do you judge him? Did Gonçalo Ramos help with midfield work? “His call is a merit of the team, when we are strong collectively, the individualities come out. With all the credit, to him and to the team, he is going to the national team. As for Gonçalo, he didn’t want to lead, but because of his ability to play in various positions – as a striker, second striker or third midfielder, he has always played these roles in training – he gives consistency at the defensive moment and adds to the offense. Overall in our review we think the team is evolving, growing and all players are contributing.

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