THE BALL – Tiago Craveiro leaves the post of general manager and heads to UEFA (FPF)

The Portuguese Football Federation has confirmed that Tiago Craveiro will step down as the organisation’s chief executive from 31 March, a position he has held for ten years, to begin a new professional experience at UEFA.

Speaking to the FPF website, President Fernando Gomes praised “the 10 years of dedication of Tiago Craveiro”, an “outstanding professional” who “rightly saw his singular global vision for the sport and his ability to put implementation of projects of enormous complexity on the part of the current UEFA President”.

Fernando Gomes reveals that Aleksander Ceferin ‘challenged’ Tiago Craveiro ‘to follow a new path’ at UEFA, a path postponed by ‘Tiago Craveiro’s sense of responsibility and loyalty to me and the FPF in full management sport in a time of pandemic”.

“I am absolutely sure that Tiago Craveiro will bring great honor to Portugal and to Portuguese football, now with the most important continental organization in our sport”, concluded the president of the FPF.

Ceferin was also “confident that Tiago Craveiro will be a key asset in UEFA’s strategic affairs, now and in the future”. The FPF has been an exemplary model of a modern, well-managed federation with a clear vision and strategic planning. The list of achievements on and off the pitch says more than words can describe and Tiago Craveiro has played a vital role in each of those successes. He is a man who lives and breathes football and I am delighted to welcome him to UEFA.”

Luís Sobral, an FPF professional since 2015, was appointed by Fernando Gomes to serve as general manager, with Mafalda Urbano remaining as deputy general manager.

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