THE BALL – Bruno Lage takes stock of Rúben Neves (Wolverhampton)

Holder against Leeds, Rúben Neves ended up scaring. The Wolverhampton midfielder was substituted in the 25th minute with a right knee problem after a move with Klich.

At the end of the match, Bruno Lage scores a point. “In a few days, we will know better. He felt discomfort in his knee, we have to wait and see,” he said.

Regarding the match, the Wolverhampton coach did not spare the referee for sending off Raúl Jiménez in the 53rd minute, with a double yellow card.

“Everyone saw what happened, in fact they can now review the footage. It was a normal contact, Raúl Jiménez tried to recover the ball. It was a bad decision and the referee could not recognize that he had made a mistake. For the rest, in the first 45 minutes we were the better team and we were much better than our opponents. I’m very proud of the players,” he concluded.

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