Sales of 5G smartphones overtake 4G handsets for the first time

There is one thing that is always embarrassing when writing about new smart phones (published or still rumored): whether or not it is compatible with the mobile network 5G. But that is changing as the technology becomes more popular. And January 2022 proves that in the near future it will be implied that mobile phones are compatible with connection 5G.

smart phones 5G sold more than 4G in January

THE Search for counterpointa market analysis company, recently published a report on the sales of smartphones in January this year. According to research, the network-enabled smartphones 5G accounted for 51% of sales mobile phones in the first month of 2021. The country/region leading the purchase of devices 5G it is China. 84% of smart phones sold already has support for the technology. The reason for this growth is the acceleration of the country’s telephone companies in setting up the new network, combined with the affordable prices of these smart phones.

But of course, if there is 5G smartphone with a good price, there cheap crisps with that Technology. At this stage, the role of Qualcomm and MediaTek has its leading role, highlights Search for counterpoint. Both companies offer SoCs cheap with 5Ghelping manufacturers smart phones to offer devices with better value for money. THE Qualcomm even ended the use of “5G” at nomenclature of you chipsbecause it will only launch new products that support this mobile network.

Europe and North America also with high numbers

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THE North America had 73% of devices with 5G sold, while in Europe this figure was 76%. In both regions, the iPhone are the models that lead these sales of smartphone with 5G. In North America, 50% of these mobile phones they’re from Apple. In Europe, the iPhone represent 30% of devices. This growth in both regions began with the launch of iPhone 12the first model with 5G of the Cupertino giant.


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